Your job just got easier. When you have seasonal, full time and part time employees, staff and faculty; tracking attendance can be challenging. SoftTime Online caters to your unique set of needs, providing you with an easy-to-use solution that allows you to manage all employee types.

Reduce time spent on leave management – Accept or deny leave requests right from your inbox.

Flexible accruals for seasonal, part-time & full-time employees – No more tedious calculations or errors. SoftTime Online allows you to customize each employee as needed and completes complex calculations for you.

Employee View Mode – Reduce the amount of leave time inquiries from employees as they can view their data online.

Maintenance free – No more IT headaches as we host everything for you; no installation needed.

Minimize leave abuse – By automating the process, you will notice an increase in employee compliance to your company’s attendance rules. Save your company money by reducing unexcused absences by tracking abuses.

Ready to use right away – The day you make the call to join the thousands of other SoftTime Online customers, you will be able to begin using your attendance management solution.

Access data from anywhere with an internet connection – whether your campus has a global or local presence, employees can access data and submit requests from anywhere with an internet connection.

Affordable – SoftTime Online is affordable and offers flexible purchasing options.

Track student attendance – Many of our clients use SoftTime Online to track more than just employees … they also keep track of student attendance. Call to learn how some schools are using biometric thumb scans to take a quick roll-call that is automatically stored in a system for record keeping.