As one of our leading client groups we have worked diligently to produce a solution to meet the unique needs of your industry.

Secure information – We take security seriously and implement comprehensive security practices to keep your information protected.

Access old records – Save the complete attendance history for current and former employees at no extra cost.

Vacation conflict checking – Easily spot vacation conflicts within a department to ensure you have the staff you need on hand.

Various reports – A wide variety of reporting options allow you to get the information you are looking for with a few simple clicks. Have the information you need at your fingertips when making important management decisions.

Perfect for the office environment – Almost every office environment has a computer and SoftTime Online can be accessed from any PC or Mac computer, giving your employees easy access to their information.

Controlled access – You decide who has access and at what level.

Minimize leave abuse – By automating the process you will notice an increase in employee compliance to your company’s attendance rules. Save your company money by reducing unexcused absences by tracking abuses.

Maintenance free – No more IT headaches as we host everything for you; no installation needed.

Multiple locations? No problem – With SoftTime Online you can easily access information from anywhere with an internet connection and keep track of employee attendance no matter where they may be.

Reduce time spent on leave management – Accept or deny leave requests right from your inbox.