SoftTime Online is trusted by many government agencies to ensure that strict compliance rules are followed while also tending to the needs of a varying workforce.

Reduce time spent on leave management – Accept or deny leave requests right from your inbox.

Unlimited audit history – Inactive employee record retrieval.

Secure information – We take security seriously and implement comprehensive security practices to keep your information protected.

Controlled access – You decide who has access and at what level.

Employee self view – Reduce the amount of leave time inquiries from employees as they can view their data online.

Built in report writer – A wide variety of reporting options allow you to get the information you are looking for with just a couple clicks of a button. Have the information you need at your fingertips when making important management decisions.

Handle complex accruals and carry-overs¬†–¬†Cater to the different types of employees that work for your organization.

Reduce payroll errors – You can easily export SoftTime Online data to your favorite accounting system to help reduce payroll errors.

Maintenance free – No more IT headaches as we host everything for you, no installation needed.