Law offices are one of the leading users of SoftTime Online, and for good reason. We have worked one-on-one with offices to develop a solution that caters to your specific needs when managing employee absences.

Intelligent design – The intuitive interface enables your employees to easily navigate without special training.

Enforce time off policies – By automating attendance tracking with our solution, you’ll notice increased employee compliance to your company’s absence policies, allowing you to see a positive return on your investment.

Reduce time spent on leave management – Accept or deny leave requests right from your inbox.

Flexible – From full time employees to interns, our solution will allow you to create custom accruals and carry-overs for a variety of employee types.

Controlled access – You decide who has access and at what level.

Employee self view – Reduce leave time inquiries from employees as they can view their data online.

Complete audit history – SoftTime Online saves the complete attendance history for current and former employees at no extra cost.

Vacation conflict checking – Easily spot vacation conflicts within a department to ensure you have the staff you need on hand.

Emailable reports – Over 31 professional reports may be previewed, printed or emailed to anyone.

Enforce policies uniformly – By using SoftTime Online you can enforce policies to ensure each employee type is treated uniformly depending on their employment  level.

Reduce payroll errors – You can export SoftTime Online data to your favorite accounting system to help reduce payroll errors.