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Tracking employee infractions with point and occurrence tracking software

Did you know that SoftTime employee attendance tracking solutions will track points and occurrences as well as attendance? Tracking occurrences opens up a world of flexibility allowing an administrator to literally track anything at all. You can create an unlimited amount of occurrences and ultimately associate points with those occurrences. For example: Late without calling… Read more »

Job Abandonment an issue? Here’s how to handle it the right way

Author : Brian S. Degroat Job abandonment is an issue when employees are terminated due to not showing up or calling in to work. Employee attendance is difficult to manage, but easy to spot when problems arise. When employees are consistently late, or fail to show up for work, it creates a dilemma for the… Read more »

Small Business and HR Software: When to Make the Leap

One question posed by growing companies is “when is the best time to implement an HR Software system?” The answer is now! Companies with as few as four employees will see the benefit of implementing some sort of human resource management software. Many small businesses don’t have the luxury of a full time human resource… Read more »