Ditch the Spreadsheets and Start Using an Online Attendance Tracker

If you have been relying on spreadsheets to keep track of your employee attendance, then you may be missing out. Entering attendance and time off requests manually can result in errors – costing you time and money. Luckily, there is a simple solution to this problem. By getting rid of the spreadsheets and switching to an online attendance solution, you will be able to free up time and save your business money.

SoftTime Online offers quality employee attendance tracking software that can be accessed online – cutting down on the demands of your payroll department and helping to avoid errors. Instead of taking the time to enter attendance manually, discover the benefits of using an online attendance solution.

#1 – Easy to Use Software

One of the best reasons to switch to an online employee attendance solution is the ease of use provided by the software. You won’t have to spend time teaching your employees how to use the application. SoftTime Online is easy to understand and there are built-in instructional videos that will help explain the process of entering information.

#2 – Customized Reports

Keeping track of your employee’s habits and productivity has never been easier. You can create customized reports to view attendance patterns, then filter and sort results based on shifts, employees, wages, and other data. You can easily generate your custom reports and export them for internal use in your favorite formats; PDF, Excel, Word.

#3 – No Spreadsheets Required

Having to depend on spreadsheets and manual calculations can easily result in errors that can be costly for your business. Using SoftTime Online, you can automatically calculate accruals and carry over expirations and allowances, thus reducing the risk of human error. Using an online attendance solution can save you up to 9% percent on your payroll.

#4 – Easy Time Off Request Management

You won’t have to deal with time off requests manually, as employees will have access to their available vacation hours and leave balances. This will drastically reduce the amount of time that you and your HR department spend dealing with the approval or denial of time off requests.

#5 – Maintenance Free Solutions

Your IT department won’t have to spend time handling updates or compatibility issues. SoftTime Online is entirely maintenance-free. You will never have to worry about updates or upgrading to newer versions to ensure compatibility.

Online attendance software is a great fit for any business. Perfect for any environment, SoftTime Online has been used by law firms, government agencies, schools, hotels, retail businesses, and many other industries.

There is no installation required, as the entire software is cloud-based. Within minutes, you can begin setting up your account and have a simple solution in place for managing and tracking your employee attendance.

If you want to cut down on payroll costs, using an online attendance solution could be the answer you have been searching for.

SoftTime Online has been providing reliable attendance tracking solutions since 1985, and continues to remain up-to-date. We provide the latest technology by offering cloud-based PTO tracking solutions. In order to start using SoftTime Online attendance tracking software, create your account today.