Get with the Program – Use Cloud Attendance Tracking for Law Firms

If you are still relying on paper reports and manual employee attendance tracking, then it’s time to get with the program. Online attendance tracking is a much more effective solution. Unfortunately, many businesses do not fully understand the value of online software.

For those that are still relying on spreadsheets or paper logs, it’s time to get with the program. Find out how online attendance tracking for law firms can save you time and money.

Easy to Use Software

Having an intuitive interface, your employees will have no problem navigating the online tracking software. You won’t have to waste valuable time on additional training, either. If your employees do need assistance with the interface, there are built-in instructional videos available to explain the necessary steps.

Enforce Your Time Off Policies

When you automate the methods you use for tracking attendance, you will experience an increase in employee compliance by reinforcing your attendance policies. This will increase productivity and cut down on expenses related to inaccuracies in payroll.

Reduce Time Spent on Requests

Using online attendance tracking software for your law firm can also save your HR department time. You’ll help to reduce the amount of time that you or your HR department spends approving or denying leave requests, and free up your time and your email inbox by allowing employees to enter time off requests through the online software.

Flexible Solutions for All Levels of Employees

From your interns to your full-time employees, everyone can use the software. You decide what level of access to give different employees by customizing various levels. You can even decide whether or not you want to give employees access to their reports.

You can also allow your employees to view their own information, and have access to enter their own time off requests and check their attendance records.

Create Custom Reports and Audits

Conduct audits with easy using intuitive software that is simple to use. You can create custom reports in real-time, and filter your results. You can view reports by employee, department, and specified time periods and view attendance infractions and other details of your employee attendance records.

Eliminate Human Errors

One of the greatest reasons to begin using employee attendance tracking software is that you can eliminate human errors. You will no longer have to rely on staff entering information manually. This can prevent HR or payroll mistakes which could end up costing your business time and money.

You won’t have to worry about vacation scheduling conflicts or any other issues related to attendance. Online attendance software can be incorporated into your existing accounting application, creating a simplified solution for your payroll and attendance management needs.

Set up your account today to start saving time and money. Attendance tracking for law firms are quick to setup and can easily be implemented into any existing time management software or solutions that you already use. Create your account today to begin accessing this easy-to-use online attendance tracking software.