How to Use Custom Reports from Online Tracking Software to Cut Costs and Boost Productivity

SoftTime Online provides businesses with an affordable solution for tracking employee attendance. This cloud-based software does not require any installation. Simply access your account and begin generating real-time reports.

Why should you consider using an online tracking solution to manage the attendance of your employees? The software is easy to use, can be integrated into your existing attendance policy, and provides options for granting employees access to the software for time off requests, among many other benefits.

In addition to those advantages, you can use the online tracking software to generate custom reports. Find out how these custom real-time reports can help you cut costs and boost productivity.

 Generate Custom Reports to Monitor Payroll Hours

Use online employee tracking software to generate inumerable custom reports. Quickly and easily examine payroll hours to determine whether you need to increase or decrease staffing on certain days. Compare custom reports against sales reports to determine if you need to schedule additional staff, or scale back the manpower.

This is just one simple way that viewing custom reports could help cut costs. You may also want to review your attendance policies with your employees, reinforcing your rules and increasing the overall productivity of your employees.

Keep Track of Attendance Infractions

With custom reports, you will also be able to keep track of attendance infractions. Implement online tracking software with your existing attendance policy and use it to track employee absenteeism. As employees call off or miss work, the software can be used to automatically monitor these attendance violations.

You will have immediate access to infraction reports, which can be exported and filed as part of your permanent records. This can be useful if you ever need to terminate an employee based on their attendance. You will have the documentation necessary to avoid unemployment compensation or other issues related to the termination of employee.

Using the custom reports to monitor attendance violations, you can confront repeat offenders before situations reach a critical point. Employee attendance violations can spread like a virus, resulting in additional employees calling off or showing up late. This can have a major impact on productivity.

Avoid Scheduling Conflicts

Examining the reports, you can easily avoid scheduling conflicts. Employees will be able to enter time off requests directly through the online tracking portal. When time off is approved, the software will keep track of the request so that you can avoid granting the same time off to another employee.

 Examine Your Custom Reports in Real-Time

You will be able to generate all reports in real-time. This makes it easy to check the reports to be sure all of your employees showed up for the day. You can also view employee habits and trends to make sure that your employees are staying productive, and examine your employee attendance patterns to address attendance problems before they get out of hand. Using the customizable reports, you can quickly view wages, shifts, and other information.

You will no longer need to rely on spreadsheets or manual calculations. Everything is automated and streamlined for ease of use. If you would like to eliminate human error, save costs, and boost productivity – set up your SoftTime Online account today.