Is it Time to Choose a New Employee Attendance Tracker?

If you have been using the same employee attendance tracking software for longer than you can remember, it could be time to choose a new program to keep track of employee attendance. Antiquated solutions can end up costing money due to payroll errors, employee time off abuse, and other complications.

How do you know when it is time to upgrade to a new employee tracking system? Take a look at the following signs that point to an outdated system:

#1 – Your Old Software Does Not Match Your Current Technology

Technology seems to move at the speed of light. Every time you turn around there’s a new program or application designed to improve productivity and help you cut costs. If your existing employee attendance tracking software is no longer compatible with your latest policies or doesn’t meet the needs of your growing business, you should consider getting new a new solution.

#2 – Your Old Trackers Do Not Provide Real Time Reports

Using an older system, or using spreadsheets, could leave you without access to attendance reports. Having access to real-time reports is incredibly beneficial when it comes to scheduling requested time off and dealing with employee vacations. It also helps you keep your employees accountable and can reduce the occurrence of costly payroll errors.

#3 – Your Employees Do Not Have Access to Their Reports

If your employees are unable to view their time off requests and attendance records, you may have to spend time answering questions and dealing with these requests personally. Using an online attendance tracking solution will eliminate these issues so that you spend more time focusing on your daily operations.

#4 – Everything Needs to Be Entered Manually into Spreadsheets

When you have to key in data manually, it’s easy to make mistakes. Automating this process by using online tracking software will not only save your payroll department time, it can help cut down on unnecessary costs.

#5 – Your Old Software Requires Local Installation

Every piece of software that needs to be installed on your business computers increases the amount of work for your IT department. Between updates and computer errors, using manually installed computer software is an added burden that you do not need to deal with. By switching to online attendance tracking, everything is handled through the cloud.

For those of you still dealing with any of these issues, it could be time to get rid of your old system and begin using a cloud-based employee tracker software. Avoid errors from entering information manually and cut down on time spent dealing with spreadsheets. With an online attendance tracker, you can free up resources and give your employees access to their own attendance records.

If your existing employee attendance tracking software is no longer able to meet your demands, consider upgrading to SoftTime Online. With 30 years of experience, plus multiple services, low rates, custom plans, and quality applications, Software Technique’s SoftTime Online is a great choice. Contact STI today to start tracking your employee attendance online.