Improve The Efficiency Of Your Organization With Online Attendance And PTO Tracking Software

With a manual attendance and vacation tracking system, you are leaving yourself open to all kinds of inefficiencies and costs. This can easily be prevented by the introduction of an online attendance and paid time off tracking system.

As an employer, it is very important that you are aware of your employees’ balance between work and personal lives. You don’t want to be in a situation where your time off tracking system has failed you, and you don’t know whether an employee is entitled to requested time off.

Time Inefficiencies And The Cost of Errors

Time spent by Human Resources managing a manual vacation accrual system can be extensive. They will receive many requests from employees about the number of vacation (and/or sick) days that they have available at any given time. An online vacation tracking system allows employees to see what days they have taken off and how many days they have outstanding. This can be done without HR assistance and is a huge time saver.

A manual attendance tracking system is also prone to human error. A mistake in accrual calculations can create a situation where no time off seems available. With employee vacation tracking software these kinds of errors simply do not arise.

What About Dishonest Employees?

In some organizations, it has been discovered that a friend in the HR department granted PTO to an employee who had not accrued it. Do you believe that this isn’t happening in your organization? Hopefully it’s not, but the opportunity is certainly there.

You can prevent this from ever happening when you migrate to using online vacation tracking software. All vacation requests will be recorded and sent immediately to the appropriate supervisor(s). If leave is approved, the system records the time and automatically adjusts the outstanding vacation day’s entitlement.

Too Much Accrued Vacation Time

Some workers are so dedicated that they never take all of their vacation entitlement. This often means a roll-over of their outstanding paid time off to the next financial year. If this is not tracked properly it can lead to a very difficult situation. Employees can demand weeks off at a time that they are actually entitled to.

Prevent Problems With Your Employees

If you do not properly implement a PTO (paid time off) tracking system, you run the risk of creating future problems for your organization. There is a chance that employees will take time off at inconvenient times, possibly leaving you short staffed.

Employees could also just decide to not show up for work for a day or number of days, and not notify anyone that they are taking entitled vacation time. This could further lead to a dispute with management about which days they took off as paid vacation. For a small business it could even lead to the office shutting down and losing valuable business hours.

There could also be a problem with manager bias. It is entirely possible that some managers could approve or reject paid time off requests based upon the role that the employee plays in the organization, their seniority and even their gender or race.

This can be a lawsuit waiting to happen, whether it is intentional or not. No employee should be discriminated against when it comes to requesting and receiving paid time off. Online vacation tracking software can make these kinds of trends visible so the appropriate action can then be taken.

Paid Time Off Conflicts

Do your managers and supervisors really have the vacation situation under control? It’s inevitable that two or more employees from the same team will want to take the same vacation days. The possibility of this happening in the summer months increases significantly.

So what do your managers and supervisors do? Are they equipped to handle these conflicts? With online PTO tracking software they would be able to see all of the facts at-a-glance, and then make their decisions with confidence.

Managing Changes To Vacation Policy

If major changes to the organization’s vacation policy are made, how easily will this be managed using a manual system? This is a time-consuming initiative at risk for errors.

With an online employee time off tracking system this can all be managed with ease. All employee records will be updated immediately, and organization wide blocks can be implemented so that employees do not take time off when it isn’t convenient for the company.

How To Track Vacation Time Efficiently

A lot of organizations manage their vacation tracking using excel spreadsheets. The employees name is entered into a cell and then the dates are marked when they take time off. Calculations can be made at the end of a quarter, half year or full year to see the amount of time that an employee has taken off.

This is not a very sophisticated employee vacation tracker and is prone to all kinds of errors and misuse. A far superior solution is to use online employee PTO tracking software which will accurately record all time off requests and the associated dates.

Get Your Paid Time Off Tracking Under Control

Don’t rely on paper systems to manage your employees paid time off. There are so many things that can go wrong and the system is always open to abuse. With an online based time off manager system you will be able to manage all of your vacation time quickly and easily, and concentrate more on the goals of your organization.

With our easy to use SoftTime Online Attendance control solution you can save money and time.