SoftTime is intuitive and super easy to use, requiring very little training. It has eliminated our paper calendars and streamlined our paid time off tracking. Employees can handle their own paid time off requests and see the amount of paid time off remaining without having to call our payroll department, which is a great time saver. We greatly appreciate all that the staff at Software Techniques did to make our purchase and transition to this new software as smooth as possible.

Michele B. Todd


Hello, I just wanted to say a big thank you for your help this afternoon! Learning to navigate the reports has helped me tremendously. SoftTime Online is a great program that is completely user friendly. The information is at my finger tips every time I am asked for a report. I love it! When I was given the task of finding a PTO program, I had no idea there were so many. Luckily after doing lots of research I found SoftTime. It is easy to use, cost effective, and the best part is it fits the needs of both small and large companies! You just can’t ask for more than that. So glad my research paid off!!

Melody Griffith


I am so excited to share with you the positive feedback I have received from our new attendance program. I am so fortunate to have come upon your website when searching for "attendance tracking programs". You have been so helpful, patient and was always accommodating ... It has been a pleasure working with you and I am confident that we will consider your company for any future business. Thanks again!!!

Erin Deane


I have used your software for years. In the past I entered the PTO into this program myself from paper timecards and paper leave requests. The system allowed employees to request PTO/time off but I didn't set that up until this year. Now time off is requested by employee and an email is sent to supervisor... I no longer have to deal with pieces of paper; it’s all in the software and email. My biggest PLUS for this software is the support... once I talk with them they are VERY helpful and knowledgeable and patient.

Esther Starr

Vice President, Sunstar Capital, Inc.

... This is the most fantastic program that has ever been made to keep up with leave time of employees. We have had to do some cut backs, so that means we have had to change the hours and months worked of our employees in different departments. I thought to myself "this is going to be a bear." It was more like a sweet little kitten. It was so easy and simple. I did not even have to go to the instruction book, I just went under tools and it was so easy to figure out ... I LOVE IT! It has made my job so much easier. One Happy Customer,

Dennis Rosenbalm

Clinch-Powell Educational Coop

I'm big time satisfied and big time impressed with your service and follow up.  After reaching out for assistance online, I clicked on a button to rate the chat. I rate the help I received at the highest rating because I am not used to this type of service.  A service where Cynthia, after helping me with my issue, cared enough about that issue that she called me to see if I was satisfied. Thank you Cynthia....thank you Soft Time

Kimberly Charlton

Mr. John