Using Online Attendance Tracking and 4 Other Tips for Improving Employee Attendance

When excessive absenteeism starts to become a major problem for your business, you may need to reconsider your attendance policies. Employee absenteeism can result in additional costs and lost productivity. It can even snowball into a company-wide issue, with more employees taking unscheduled time off and not managing their time correctly.

If you are frustrated with employees calling in for unscheduled time off repeatedly or an HR department that is not properly dealing with these issues, then take a look at the following tips for improving employee attendance.

#1 – Review the Attendance Policy with Employees

The first step is to ensure your employees are fully aware of the requirements of your attendance policy. Every so often, you should review certain policies with your employees, including your attendance policy. Even if you do not make any changes to your policy, reviewing it will help send the message that you are going to begin taking a stronger stance against policy violations.

#2 – Employees Need to Be Aware of the Penalties

As part of reviewing your attendance policy with your employees, make sure that they are also aware of the penalties and resulting consequences due to violating the policy. If you keep track of employee absences and attendance violations, your employees need to understand how these violations could impact their job or pay. This is especially important when dealing with the termination of an employee.

#3 – Review Employee Attendance Records

Next, you should review your employee attendance records. Look for any trends in employee absenteeism or employees that are frequently asking for time off. Schedule a meeting with employees that frequently violate your attendance policies.

#4 – Make Sure Your Policy is Clear and Understandable

You may need to review your employee attendance policy. Make sure that it is clear and understandable. A good attendance policy is one that is perfectly easy to follow. There should be no confusion about what is expected of your employees.

#5 – Use Online Attendance Tracking Software

The final tip is to use online attendance tracking software. SoftTime Online offers a simple solution for keeping track of your employee’s attendance. This can also include the management of time off requests and attendance violations.

Easily incorporate the online software with your existing attendance policy. You can view custom reports and avoid human errors that could lead to additional payroll expenses. Using SoftTime Online attendance and PTO tracking solution is an easy way to reinforce your attendance policy.

Employee absenteeism can be a huge drain on time and money. Don’t let chronic absenteeism become a major problem for your business. Use these tips to reinforce your attendance policy and ensure your employees adhere to it.

To Summarize:

• Re-examine your policies to ensure they are clear and easy to understand.
• Review your attendance policy with your employees.
• Be sure employees understand the consequences of unscheduled absences and missing work.
• Examine your employee attendance records for trends or patterns.
• And perhaps the best solution of all is to begin using online employee attendance tracking software.

Contact SoftTime Online today to start taking advantage of easy to use cloud-based tracking software.