Your Existing PTO Tracking Method Could Be Costing You Money

The old phrase, “if it isn’t broken, then don’t fix it” does not necessarily apply in every situation. Every change will cost money, but there are cases where relying on outdated methods could be costing you even more. One such case is PTO tracking.

If you are still relying on spreadsheets or a paper-based system to keep track of paid time off requests, then it’s time to make the switch to an online PTO tracking solution.

Outdated Methods Could Result in Human Error

Why is it a bad idea to use manual methods for tracking time off and attendance? Whenever data is entered manually you run the risk of human error. Payroll errors can be very costly.

Outdated methods could also cause scheduling conflicts. When you have a large staff, there are times of the year when employees are more likely to ask for time off. For example, during the holidays it can be a challenge to deal with multiple time-off requests. It is not unusual to end up with a few scheduling conflicts when you have a group of employees asking for the same dates off.

SoftTime Online attendance tracking software will help you prevent these errors, allowing you to save up to 9% on payroll annually.

Software Upgrades Cost Time and Money

If you are using software that needs to be installed on computers, then you occasionally have to deal with software updates or upgrades. This costs both time and money. Your IT department needs to spend multiple hours handling these updates and upgrades. You may even need to spend money on a new version of the software. These costs can add up over time.

Using SoftTime Online PTO tracking software, you will only have to deal with a cloud-based application. Nothing needs to be installed locally. This frees up your IT department to deal with other tasks, and alleviates downtime associated with this process.

Dealing with PTO Requests Can Become Cumbersome

Constant time off requests can be a burden for your HR department, and for those in charge of scheduling. With online tracking software, employees will be able to enter their own requests and view their attendance records without having to talk to a manager or the HR department. This provides yet another way that using online tracking software can free up time and increase productivity.

Implementing Online Employee Tracking Software

If you are tired of dealing with PTO entry errors, time off requests, and an antiquated attendance method, now is the time to start using employee attendance tracking software. No installation is required. SoftTime Online is cloud-based, allowing you to access attendance records from any computer. You can also give your employees access to the software to enter their own time off requests and view their attendance.

Affordable, easy-to-use, and perfect for any industry, SoftTime Online attendance tracking software provides a great option for those that want to save time and eliminate human errors. Create your account today to begin using SoftTime Online cloud-based tracking software.