How does SoftTime Online Make Your Attendance Tracking Easier?

Easy to Use Interface

SoftTime Online's interface provides maximum information at a single glance. No training is required and employees have access to quick how-to videos if needed.

Being a cloud-based attendance software solution it is 100% maintenance free with NO installation required, accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

Customizable Reporting

Gain insight into employee habits and trends so you can make sure your company's productivity remains high.

A wide variety of data, including employee information such as wages, shifts and more will be available at your fingertips.

Calculate Complex Accruals

No more complicated excel spreadsheets or manual calculations!

Our attendance software will automatically calculate accruals,
carry over expirations and allowances.

By automating the process you also reduce the risk of human
error which can save you up to 9% per payroll!

Employee Self View

Reduce the amount of leave time inquiries from employees as they can view their data online.

Employees get real time access to their absence records and banks - no more fielding questions throughout the day.

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